The artefact


The piece I decided I wanted to look at was Pierre-Auguste Renoirs piece ‘conversation’ 1912 which I spotted in the national museum in Cardiff. This painting was painted in the garden of the house at Essoyes in Burgundy where Renoir often went. The painting was painted using a warm palette which was typical of his later style. I started off the project by looking at the colours that he used and did a couple of cross sections, I found it hard to get the colours correct as they are warm pastel colours yet are quite dark around the body. I found the greens and browns especially hard.

My opinion on the brief we have been set is to have a physical engagement with the artefact that we have chosen and to then make a body of work based on my response to the artefact. This piece is a modernist piece which concentrates on the use of figures. I found the layout of the piece and the mass of the people another key part of the piece and something else I would like to look into.

Initially I wanted to look into the body so life drawing became a very important part of my project as I felt like I couldn’t expand further if I couldn’t get the proportions of the body correct. I also went on to notice that Renoirs piece isn’t in proportion, especially on the female.


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