Key Concept – Object


What is an object?

  1. An object is not me. An object if I’m not one must be something which is beyond my control and something that resists my will.
  2. An object is unknowable. An object is something that is observed to exist but also a thing as it is in itself independent to the mind and always beyond us. Unlike phenomenon. The perception of an object is always partial as you cannot see the whole image.
  3. I am an object in a world of objects. Subjects and objects are seen to be reversible. “the man is seen as the subject, but its the object for the trees” Caspar David Freidrich Chasseur – Lost in the forest.

I found this lecture useful when looking at some of the pieces I have done and then using them as the basis for a body of work. It was useful to see the objects that I had made and looking at them as something that is not me. This was especially useful when trying to look at the object in front of me as a landscape or as something that I was trying to perceive as beautiful. Also looking at the third point above ‘I am an object in a world of objects.’ I could again start seeing my micro landscape as something built up of objects.


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