Things behind the sun – Introduction

For my second field option I chose ‘Things behind the sun’ as it was introduced as a landscape based project. As an artist I don’t tend to look at and paint/draw landscapes so I thought this project would push me out side my comfort zone.

To start wish we looked at realistic landscape artists such as Nicholas Poussin, John Constable and Richard Wilson. I preferred it when we looked at artworks which you wouldn’t typically ┬árelate to landscapes. Artworks such as James Turrells deer shelter (2007) and Vija Celmins starfield (1962) were pieces which I wouldn’t have thought of as landscapes before the project. They show a landscape through a different perspective which has helped push me in a different direction to which I was expecting.


Final piece for Rajasthan


Through my final piece for Rajasthan I wanted to show that the woman where these powerful patterns and colours but they actually don’t have a lot of power themselves in India. It is expected in India that the woman cleans, cooks and looks after the children rather than goes out and work. We saw a lot of woman especially in Udaipur who would look after the animals and clean there homes while the men worked. In the bigger cities woman are starting to get a to more power in society but I wanted to show that there are still a lot of women who don’t get equality. Initially with the prints I wanted the women print to be stronger in colour so you could see her more clearly, but now I think the fact that the woman print, which was the second print, has started to be overpowered by the print in the background and I think it resembles what woman in India are having problems with.