Key concept – Place

In this lecture we looked at a book by Tacita Dean and Jeremy Miller called “Place”. There were four parts about this book which was interesting to me.

  1. Place = Lanscape? We looked at whether they were the same thing. In some sense I do see them as the same thing as a specific landscape is a place you visit but landscapes don’t have boarders and when you picture a place it has some kind of start and end to it.
  2. Sense of place. We looked at a place as something felt or sensed, rather than understood or something measurable. An example which was given was Bedwry Williams, Bard Attitude 2005.
  3. God as a place. There were some quotes in the book which suggested this as an explanation. ‘Everything is somewhere and in place’ 3rd century BC. ‘God himself is called place, for he encompasses all things, but is not encompassed by anything.’
  4. Space and the diminishment of place.

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