Picasso Les Demoiselles D’Avignon


Les Demoiselles D Avignon C 1907 Painting by Pablo Picasso 1907

Picasso’s cubist work, especially his figurative pieces are works that have interested me in redeveloping my subject work with the help of my field projects and my dissertation reading. The use of straight angular lines in his work is something that I have carried through to my most recent work. I like the fact he is trying to take the eye away from the realistic form of the body and makes you look at the body from a different perspective which is something that I am trying to recreate in my work. After reading the book The Success & Failure of Picasso by John Berger and other books that are also about Picasso and other cubist artists which are relevant to my dissertation reading I have learnt a lot about why they painted in that style. The background reading has given me a new dimension to why I find his work relevant to my subject work.


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