Use of thread and material

The image on the right was the first material piece I did and I found that the layers of fabric connected the obvious female form to a landscape. I think by adding the black sewn outline I made the piece too obviously a human form which wasn’t something I wanted to do. Which is why in the image on the left I have made the piece less obviously human by not using any outline and zooming in on the human body to create a micro shot of the body. This is where I started concentrating on smaller areas of the body which I wasn’t comfortable with and tried to change them into something that I could enjoy.


Paper making workshop

I decided to do a workshop on how to make my own paper as it was something that we learnt a lot about in India. The skills and patience the workers had in India made me want to have a go at making my own. I went on to use the small square paper to make an experimental book of the processes I have learnt over the last year. It was a nice feeling to be able to print onto my own handmade paper through cholograph and mono printing.

‘Things behind the sun’ reflection

As part of the second field module that was based on landscapes we visited two different types of landscape. First we visited the Botanic Gardens which was a mixture of natural and man made. It included a dome which had plants from different climates inside. I found it pretty difficult to get inspired at the Botanic Gardens as the actual landscape in which it is situated is quite flat and it concentrated more on the little things, most of which were man made. While at the Gardens we were asked to try and draw 100 miniature images of things we saw, I found it quite difficult to draw different things at the Gardens as it concentrated a lot on different plants rather than the landscape itself/ The second place we visited was Port Eynon in the Gower. This landscape was nearly all natural as it was on the coast with cliffs and was very secluded. I found this landscape much more inspiring and found it easier to work. We did a few tasks including micro and macro drawings and a 7 mile walk along the cliffs which were used to inspire our ideas. In Port Eynon I found doing 100 miniature drawings the most successful. These drawings didn’t have to be neat or accurate they were meant to be fast and rough to show the situations in which they were drawn. I noticed that all my drawings were drawn in a particular way and therefor I decided to look into that technique. The majority of my drawings were close ups of my surroundings which helped to make up a wider picture of the landscape. Some of the drawings were of things that you wouldn’t necessarily think were important as part of the landscape. Also from being to cold when drawing the 100 in the Gower I wanted and needed to get the drawing done quickly so used line and cross hatching as a way of adding texture, depth and shading to my drawings. After the trip I would use my drawings to create new drawings and pieces from. I also used this technique along with artist research to expand my work. One artist which I found particularly interesting was Eduardo Chillda as he tended to do simplistic yet effective line drawings, which is something I could relate my 100 drawings to but also something that I wanted to try and expand on. I wanted to recreate a part of the Gower which I noted down in my drawings. I created a clay sculpture of a rock formation which I found really interesting. I then used the sculpture to recreate drawings of the original by drawing from the sculpture. My final piece was the clay sculpture after it had been fired as it broke and became to look like a miniature landscape meaning it was both a micro part of a landscape as the rock formation and a macro landscape as a whole.

Clay attempt one


First attempt at clay in response to what I took from the Gower trip. I drew a lot of small elements of a larger image in our 100 drawing task. All of which had a mass and I wanted to use those as a way of entering clay. I didn’t think my first attempt worked particularly as it broke a bit when fired due to me not having a lot of experience with clay and building it up too quickly when the clay was weak. Clay is something I am interested in working more with to push my practice in a way I wouldn’t normally.