Use of 3D

I decided to use 3D materials as a way of helping me into my brief of seeing the body as a landscape. I could make the parts of the body look a bit abstract by using blocks of shapes and then when I came to draw from them it made linking the two a bit easier to start with. Some of the 3D elements have worked better than others. Some are simply to help with the drawing where as others work well as a sculptural pieces as well. I hadn’t really worked with clay before so I found it quite difficult to start with as my pieces would break. As well as using terracotta clay I used air dry white clay which was more elastic than normal clay and harder to mould as I found it would move a bit on its own. I also tried using Polymorph plastic to cast some parts of my body. The picture in the top right is a mould of my hand in a fist, I think this method was easy to do but it left the surface a bit crinkled. This effect was useful for my work as when I painted on top of it increased the definition of the lines which was good to draw from.



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