Goth Sports Day – 7 Deadly Sins

As part of the Goth Sports Day event myself and 6 others dressed up in black outfits with masks. Each mask represented one of the deadly sins. We then did a half time ‘cheerless leaders’ routine to the cha cha slide. We chose this as the song as it is a very well known song and most people know the dance to it. Instead of dancing enthusiastically to the song we decided to dance a bit like zombies to to fit in with the Goth sports day theme. In the end I think the routine went well and we were able to get some people to join in.

As a small group we came up with the ‘Shit Tombola”. Using a piece of board we put nails around the outside and hung dog poo bags on the nails. All of which had a random prize in and a lolly. For example we put rocks, fish fingers, mud, string and other bits in the bags but everybody got a lolly. We found that people found our stall good fun and also quite funny when they got a rubbish prize.


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