Artist Statement

Natasha Dorman
2nd Year
The basis for my current body of work is on the human form. I am trying to create landscapes from micro images of the human body. I decided to use landscapes as a way of overcoming personnel self conscious body issues as I found I could relate to a landscape as something beautiful with ease where as I find it hard to relate my body as something beautiful. I started by choosing a part of my own body that I don’t like and using it to create a landscape.

Beauty stereotypes and standards are a huge topic and something that everybody can relate too. The media creates a lot of body shaming when they don’t see it as ‘perfect’ and I wanted to create a body of work which tried to make people see that everybody has parts that they don’t like.

I used clay a lot at the beginning of this body of work to help create a link between the human body and the landscape. The use of clay meant that I was able to use a small bit of natural landscape and make it into something that relates to the human form. I then decided to use materials and thread as my medium for my final pieces to help bond beauty and repulsion of the body into a landscape. Sewing also has a very literal meaning in that the textile industry is made up of mostly woman and therefore using it would hopefully create something they could relate too. The materials and methods chosen in my sewing final pieces were used to represent the insecurities and uniqueness of our bodies.

In the sewn book there are childish print which I sewed onto. It was also used to suggest that children aren’t as judgmental as adults and the fact the sewing onto of the fabric is slightly lost represents that. As well as prints I used unsightly coloured threads on a plain background to show cultural issues and media stereotypes of beauty.

These abstract snapshots of the human form are things that make a human unique and I wanted to show that they aren’t something to be ashamed of.


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