Field overall reflection

Both field projects have had an influence on my subject work in different ways. The Rajasthan project was a greater learning experience in some ways as it made me look into print, colour and culture in a different light. This was also when I started looking into a meaning for my subject work and it helped because I concentrated my field research into how the women were treated unequally in some areas. I found that this would also have a negative effect on how the women would actually feel about themselves. The use of patterned fabric and colour was used in one of my subject final pieces which was influenced from being in an area in Jaipur which had amazing fabric and patterns. The use of print in both my Field final piece and some of my subject pieces were reactions to the work we did in India as we were able to watch skilled craftsmen carve wood blocks and then print them onto fabric. A lot of my subject work was quite monotone in the first term but when I went back to my subject work following the field projects I eventually started using colour to help me represent the human body in some of my final pieces. I would like to use the experiences that I have taken from India next year in my projects as I found it very insightful and you appreciate the steps you take in the processes a bit more seeing it in a more difficult situation. I would also like to try and re-create the wood carving print technique to fit in with my own work as it was very intricate and you could add a lot of detail by making different marks into the wood.
The second field project was “Things behind the sun” and I found that this project helped me reconnect to my subject work more than maybe the Rajasthan one. Some of the techniques I learnt became useful in pushing my subject project in a direction that became more personal as I found I was able to connect to the landscapes we visited and relate them to something of beauty. My idea behind my final pieces for subject was connecting the landscape and the human body in ways to make people appreciate beauty and not beauty standards. When looking at the body through a micro lens you see crevices and marks which make it into a miniature landscape, so studying the landscape through this field project helped me realise this. One transferable skill that I learnt from this project is the importance of quick sketches of not just the whole image but of smaller parts of the image which can help create the full image more clearly in your mind, this is something that I found very difficult to do at the beginning of the project but by the end, once I had found my technique, I started to enjoy and become good at.


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