Hannah Wilke – American Feminist Artist

“My folded clay pieces are like little pieces of nature, a new species. They exist the way sea shells exist….” Hannah Wilke


‘Sweet Sixteen’ 1978, ‘Yellow Rose of Texas’ 1960’s, ‘San Antonio Rose’ 1966

  • Yellow Rose of Texas in my opinion doesn’t look like a vagina, but looks more to be a box with an opening. In this one specifically I see the ‘vaginal form’ being seen as an object, you want to look inside, you are less interested in the outside of the piece, but you want to know more about what it encloses.
  • San Antonio Rose is more interesting to look at up close do to being able to see the structure of the fabric used to create the piece, this use of fabric links the piece to our traditional domestic heritage and what we were expected to do, but using them in a way that speaks volumes for women’s rights.



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