Artist Statement L6


The basis for this body of work comes from the female form. I am recreating parts of the female body through natural forms using historically feminine trades and placing them into a domestic space. The clay and fabric pieces are small representations of female body parts dressed as natural forms and landscapes.

The idea of using the pieces as part of an installation relates back to jobs and roles women traditionally were expected to do in the domestic place but also symbolising that the work is in progress rather than a finished piece.

The idea of using a natural material and making it with your hands relates the pieces to the landscape as well as the outcome looking like something that could have grown from the ground.

Artists whose work has inspired my own practice include; Jenny Saville and her pieces Ebb and Flow 2015 and One Out of Two (Symposium) 2016 and Georgia O’Keefe’s pieces Grey Lines with Black, Blue and Yellow c.1923, Red Canna 1924 and Autumn Trees – The Maple 1924.

I chose to look into this topic as I became interested in how our society perceives beauty and the negative stereotypes which come with it. I wanted to represent the female form in a way every woman could relate too.


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