Constellation and subject

While doing the research and writing my dissertation some links between constellation and my subject work started to appear. During my dissertation I look at the treatment of the body by three artists in particular and my own work is also about the treatment of the body.

All of the artists that I have researched and looked into for my dissertation look at the human figure and the nude figure which is a subject matter which I use a lot as a starting point for my work. Picasso and Matisse have especially helped my subject work as they looked at abstracting the human form and this was the route that I am trying to take with my own practice.

While artists such as Matisse and Picasso are important to look at when abstracting the body it is also important to look at artists who are trying to create a realistic figurative painting. Leonardo da Vinci is an influential artists to my own work before I abstract the body. His work was something that I looked into a lot for my end of second year project as I found it was important to draw an accurate representation of the body in order to abstract it in the way I liked.


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