Exhibition proposal



I intend to make a fabric and porcelain piece which would be sat on the wall at around body height. The porcelain piece would be A3 size at the biggest while the fabric making the piece much larger. I intend to combine the two materials together by stitching them after the firing process. The fabric may end up going onto the floor.



I intend to make a small number of relatively sized porcelain and fabric works separately which would be hung on the wall. Preferably without seeing how its attached to the wall.

I will need assistance with displaying the work due to the size of the piece and the delicacy of the porcelain parts and help with how to go about attaching the porcelain to the wall.

Ideally I would like to use the outer walls of the studio, but a wall with some floor space would work. I would need it to be in daylight and around 2/3 walls.

I would only have to buy fabric and thread as porcelain and glazes are sourced from the university.


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