Judy Chicago


Dinner Party 1974-79

Triangle representing equality. Each place setting commemorates an important women in history.

Each place setting consists of embroidered runners, gold chalices and utensils and china-painted porcelain plates. The porcelain plates have raised central motifs that are based on vulva and butterfly forms. Each place setting is individual to the person it is representing.

  • It questions sexual norms of the time, also questioning women’s rights to their own sexuality.
  • Makes you see the Vagina as a symbol of strength rather than weakness, Chicago has made it viewable, you cant ignore it.
  • There is individuality about these place settings, you don’t have to conform to what is ‘normal’
  • Butterfly like vaginal forms ready to spread their wings but contained within the domesticity of the table setting. Shows how restricted women were. They start with flat painted plates and end up with forms trying to protrude from the setting completely.
  • Celebrating what other feminists have done, but weren’t recognised for, Chicago is recognising their work in order to create new work and not recreate what already exists.




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