Experimenting with exhibition formats

Porcelain is traditionally used to create kitchenware which was why I decided to place one of my sculptures on a plate stand. The over all effect of the piece on the stand is quite simplistic but is also has a domestic meaning which is what I was looking for.

I also hung the porcelain on the wall, the effect is also effective as it is simplistic, but it doesn’t have the same meaning as when it is on the stand. Another downside is that the piece could get lost on the wall if i chose to use the white glaze I have been experimenting with. It does however, allow the piece to speak for itself.

I have come to the conclusion that it would suit my work more if they were on the wall. I came to this conclusion as I wanted my work to speak for itself rather than the stand being a major contextual element taking away from my work.

The wall allows me to play with putting the pieces next to each other in ways putting them on a plinth or plate stand wouldn’t.


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