Experimental piece

Looking at this piece and how I’ve tried to develop from this point, it has become clear that when I have tried to make the pieces larger in size I loose some of the key elements that I like so much in this piece. When I’ve made the pieces larger, the thickness of the piece also increases. The things I like so much about this piec are the thinness of the piece, it is almost as thin as cotton but also when it’s been fired to maximum temperature being this thin it almost becomes opaque.

The creases within the piece have also changed between this piece and my developments. The creases in this piece creates tighter bends which creates a juxtaposition of fragility from the thinness of the piece.

With my next lot of development pieces I want to create a feeling of a thinner fabric, with the edges of the piece being less perfect, as if the fabric has been torn away. I would also like the pieces to have more height meaning that the edges are likely to be tucked in and bent back on itself.


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