Large batch firing

Last week I fired 9 of my porcelain pieces in a large kiln up to 1280 degrees. I fired 2 white glazed, 2 clear glazed, 3 without glaze and 2 partially glazed (one white, one clear).

The kiln that I used over fires slightly by about 10 degrees, but it also doesn’t have a bung hole to check when the cone gets to temperature. (The cone would curl when it got to the correct temperature.) When I checked the pieces after firing the white glazed pieces had turned slightly pink from where it had been over fired and the clear glazed pieces were not quite a shinny as with the test pieces.

I have ruled out using the white and clear glazes all over the pieces due to giving it too much of a craft like finish to the piece. I don’t want the piece to have a plate like finish to it. But I am still interested in trying partially glazed but being a bit more constructive about the placement of the clear glaze to create a sense of moisture.


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