Surface texture of the clay

Cotton Texture

Through experimenting with the thickness of the porcelain by rolling the clay onto a cotton bed sheet, I noticed that the slight texture of the cotton was imprinted onto the under side of the clay. I originally wanted to get the clay thin enough that it would represent a cotton bed sheet, but when this failed and realised that I wouldn’t be able to keep the shapes I wanted as well as the thickness, this pattern gave another option.

If I were to roll the clay on the cotton to a thickness which would crease nicely but also keep its shape, but then turn the clay so the pattern was on top of the piece, it would also have the pattern of the cotton on the side you would see.

However, I have not seen how the texture looks fired and I would loose the pattern if I were to glaze the pieces. But I will be trying both firing to maximum temperature and partial glazing to see how this effects the texture of the ceramic.





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