Hannah Wilke Display techniques

hannah-wilke-9 (1)
Untitled (single gum sculpture) 1976 Hung on the wall
Displayed on small wooden sheet on floor

Laundry Lint 1973 Fabric

Displaying on the floor gives a sense of them being left their and forgotten about, almost like they have appeared out of nowhere. Though I really like this display technique, especially with the colours, shapes and size of her pieces, I dont think this technique would work with my pieces. With my pieces being off white and relitively flat, lying them on the floor wont let them stand out enough where as having them on the wall in front of your face, you will be able to examine them in more depth.

A reason for not choosing to incase individual pieces of my work is that I dont want them to become sacrid objects that need protecting but also so that they can become one piece, like a unity as well as have individuality.


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