Why subtle…


In choosing a subtle approach to my work, I decided I wanted my work to be suitable to all who viewed it, even people with a more conservative view. Part of this comes from my own conservative background of always being told to be lady like and not to be crude with my body. I never really discussed my body and the changes that happen to it as you grow older with my parents, it was just something that wasn’t discussed, but also that I didn’t feel comfortable discussing.

I always found when looking at other women’s bodies, and I know many others do too, we become self critical of our own bodies. I struggled a lot with my body image and got picked on a lot for being severely underweight. I was jealous of other peoples body shape, wanting the ideal body shape that you see advertised everywhere.

I didn’t want people to look at my work and become critical of themselves, the works of artists like Pipilotti Risk’s Sip My Ocean 1996, can have a negative impact on body image. When first viewing the video stills in ‘The Body in Contemporary Art’ they seemed to advertise the ideal form, something I don’t agree with, as it then becomes the focal point of the work rather than the message she may want to convey.



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