Pipilotti Rist – The Body in Contemporary Art

Sip My Ocean, 1996, video still

In this piece she can be seen to exploites her body as a site for pleasure, eroticism and exploration, this may not be what she had want for the piece, but I feel when using your own body in a way that sexualises it can always make the work look like it is conforming to negative bodily stereotypes.

In ‘The Body in Contemporary Art’ they describe the video to be like a ‘perfectly packaged wet dream’. Conveying the message that the female body can be used for the pleasure of a man. This image that she is giving us in the video still is not something I would use or want to see when talking about the body. I don’t want to see the perfect form, I want to see someone who has flaws but are happy with them, this creates a positive  look at the female form.

There is so much pure emotion in the music which goes along with the video “I DO NOT WANT TO FALL IN LOVE” she doesn’t want to conform to the stereotype of the traditional women. This is enhanced when domestic objects and traditionally feminine objects are dropped into the water with her.


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