Yoko Ono

Cut Piece, 1964
  • Materialism – she is making herself an object that the audience can do what they wish with. She has given one simple instruction, but how people take that instruction can cause her body to become an object for their disposal, for them to uncover, like they then have the right to do.
  • Shows what a group of people are capable of when told that it is okay to do so. Somebody is likely to take it too far, they keep pushing the boundries, wanting to reveal what Ono is not comfortable with showing. This gives a slight hint of sexual violence or doing what you like with her body.
  • starts with people taking small amounts from areas which dont uncover anything, as they get more confident with cutting they reveal more.
  • Shows how people are willing to keep taking from somebody, some only take a little, others take more than they perhaps should. some dont take anything but just want to reveal more of her.
  • Gender –  in the 1965 adaption of the piece, in general males felt they had more power to take more, or reveal more private areas of Ono, to the point where the last one in the film clip above takes off a whole layer of her clothing.



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