Faith Wilding – Womb 1971



“There’s lots of vagina in our work, but it is not about vaginas. Rather, we are inventing a new form language radiating a female power which cannot be conveyed in any other way at this time….These images are universal, for they are about being a human body in the world….a holy body: which knows, thinks, pains, remembers, works, imagines, dreams, yearns, aspires, and which may not be violated. As women artists we are presenting an image of woman’s body and spirit as that which cannot and must not  be colonized either sexually, economically, or politically.” – Faith Wilding

  • The vagina is something all women can relate too, its also something that, though not directly visible, has a lot of duties that makes us female and human.
  • It symbolises that we as women should not be controlled by men in any way. We have the right to our own bodies.

This makes using the vagina in my own work even more important, not only is it symbolising women’s rights to sexuality, it is something that all women can relate to, when stripped bare we are equal.



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