Banished for having a period

The shock of seeing this in the news today, in the 21st century, is disgusting. It’s something that most women have to go through on a monthly basis, something that, especially in these countries, cannot be helped.

‘Chhaupadi’ – women are unclean when menstruating. Blood coming out of your body through the vagina does NOT make somebody unclean, its a part of human biology that in most cases is inevitable.

When I read this I instantly thought of Judy Chicago’s Menstruation Bathroom and how she tried to get people to discuss the taboo subject of periods. Where as her work, I don’t think is needed as  much in Western culture today as it is more openly spoken about, there are countries in the Middle east, Africa and even Asia that still need to be more open about the subject.

When I was in India in 2015 with uni, we were told not to enter sacred temples and buildings if we were on our periods as it would be seen as disrespectful to the Hindu Gods.

Though this isn’t a focal point of my current body of work, it is something that would definitely effect these women’s self esteem and body image, but also they are being controlled by men over something as simple as having a period.


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