‘The Domestic’ symposium 2017

  • The domestic not just being within the home, but duties you do on a daily basis, school run, going to the shops etc.
  • Would creating artwork within the domestic setting (bedroom, living room) it becomes more than just a studio space, this could change the way your work speaks. Would my work speak differently if I had used the same domestic materials within my domestic setting. The work could then unintentionally relate to the domestic space – size, amount, the use of the things I make etc.
  • The way the pieces interact with their environment would change, in the studio they may feel slightly out of place where as they may fit in more with the domestic.
  • Francis Bacon – Studio at 7 Reece Mews – Used the domestic space to create work, but also inspire new works/develop old ones. The everyday objects from within the domestic space which may be seen as rubbish or useless may inspire.
  • Domestic space can be made of the people rather than the physical space. The domestic space can be taken for granted. You don’t always notice everything within that space until its broken or doesn’t work anymore. Though, it becomes more appealing to the world once it is broken.
  • The craft of transforming these domestic duties into artwork.
  • The internet has dissolved public / private, they overlap more than they use to. The private domestic space has dissolved and become more open and public.
  • Men’s pleasure of looking / women’s pleasure of being looked at. Can this be taken out of our human nature?

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