Caroline Achaintre #2

Tend 2014
  • She was interested in masquerade and liked to create clay masks that give out minimal information. Their is the façade of the surfaces and then the not knowing of who really is behind.
  • The clay is trying to emulate animal skin, this imitation of material adds to the façade of it being a mask.
  • She used domestic materials simply because of the affective power of domestic environments and objects. But she also liked the process of making, the repeating process which again relates to the day to day living within the domestic, but also the traditional everyday domestic.
  • They are easily recognisable materials which I feel have an emotional attachment to the domestic space, things of importance to you within the home, things you use daily.
  • The way she uses the domestic materials and emulates the clay with animal textures it stops them becoming just domestic objects, they put up this façade of the traditional feminine with a new front.


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