Level 6 Summative Assessment

 As a multidisciplinary artist, I draw on materials and processes that have a relationship with the domestic setting. I feel that mimicking fabric and genitalia with vitrified porcelain juxtaposes the negative and weak, aged stereotypes associated with being a woman. Porcelain imitating fabric aims to represent the domestic but also give ambiguity with the folds to create a less obvious vaginal shape.

The ideas I have explored and everything I have learnt has helped me progress on a personal level as well as in my art practice. This body of work has aided me in becoming more comfortable in my own body. It is something that I and many others struggled with due to the amount of negative influences online and in the media. The mimicking and manipulation of the materials could also be seen as addressing how easily we are led into changing our bodies to become the ideal woman and to please others.



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