Level 6 Summative Assessment

 As a multidisciplinary artist, I draw on materials and processes that have a relationship with the domestic setting. I feel that mimicking fabric and genitalia with vitrified porcelain juxtaposes the negative and weak, aged stereotypes associated with being a woman. Porcelain imitating fabric aims to represent the domestic but also give ambiguity with the folds to create a less obvious vaginal shape.

The ideas I have explored and everything I have learnt has helped me progress on a personal level as well as in my art practice. This body of work has aided me in becoming more comfortable in my own body. It is something that I and many others struggled with due to the amount of negative influences online and in the media. The mimicking and manipulation of the materials could also be seen as addressing how easily we are led into changing our bodies to become the ideal woman and to please others.



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Final set up


Today, I finally managed to finish hanging my pieces. I would have liked to hang a few more on the lower left hand side of the wall but after another incident when one of the pieces fell and broke I decided that I was happy with what I had and it wasn’t worth risking anymore breaking.

Degree show mishaps


When I started putting the pieces on the wall I decided to use nails with white tack on but after a few instances where pieces fell of the wall I had to re-think how I was going to get the pieces to stay on the nails on the wall. I decided to hot glue gun my pieces onto the nails, which isn’t ideal as I’m worried about how they’ll come away from the wall, but I felt it was safer than them coming of during the show.

Business cards


For the degree show I thought it was important to have business cards so that if people wanted to get in touch with you about your work they could.

I also wanted to create a website but found that it was quite difficult to set up, I also wanted to make sure that I concentrated on making my blog and work the best I could. This is another reason why I found it so important to make the business cards.

Hanging process

Started the hanging and arranging process today, it is a long and tedious process, but also quite satisfying seeing them all go up on the wall at long last. I am arranging them in no particular order as I don’t want them to be uniform or to be in any form of pattern, which is part of the reason why it is taking so long. The idea behind them not being uniform and becoming more free in the placement is that we as women shouldn’t have to conform to beauty standards and should be free to make our own mind up but also they are all so individual it would be difficult to make them conform to a pattern or being uniform.

Grey vs white walls

After completing the second coat of paint on my walls for the degree show I thought I would test to see how my pieces fair against the slightly grey walls. Unfortunately the photos don’t do the colour different much good but I am really pleased with how the porcelain works with the grey walls. Even though there isn’t much of a difference between the white and grey when looking at them, once the porcelain is against the wall it stands out much more against the grey than the white, it also makes the porcelain look more yellowish like it’s suppose to once vitrified.